Dr. Stange International (Dr. Stange International) is considered as one of the most established estate agents in the South of Tenerife. We have a professional attitude in the world of real estate and this can be confirmed by many of our satisfied clients, like Mr. Michel Guelboim from France. He said: "Dr. Stange helpt me to find the right place and they offered an excellent service". Dr. Bauer, he said: "For me Dr. Stange is a reliable partner and this is very important when purchasing a property".

A good reputation is not something we have created in a couple of years. It took many years before customers considered us as reliable. Estate Agents do not always have this reputation and we are fully aware of this ! Every time we have to prove ourselves again but we are grateful that every new client gives us that opportunity !!


Every seller of a property should know our strategy. We do not want any misunderstanding about our policy and each seller of a freehold should clearly know our principals about selling properties. The infrastructure of our company is based on the profile of Dr. Stange International. Since 1986, we have not changed this policy and we continue to emphasize the importance of this !



Dr. Stange und Partner MUST ALWAYS justify the ownership of every freehold property offered on the market. The legality of each ownership can be obtained at the Property Register. (Registro de la Propiedad) This document is called a “Nota Simple” and confirms the current situation of the property. We advice every seller to arrange such a document because it would clarify any unknown facts about the registration. Besides we could also ask for a first copy of the Title Deed (Copia Simple) or we would make a copy in our office of the registered Title Deed.(Escritura)

Resuming, we confirm that Dr. Stange und Partner must receive from every seller minimum ONE OF THESE THREE documents ; A “NOTA SIMPLE” or a “COPIA SIMPLE” or the “ESCRITURA” If one of these documents are not delivered by the seller than we do NOT start marketing your property on the internet !!


The sales instructions of the seller HAVE TO BE confirmed by either AN E-MAIL OR A WRITTEN SALES ORDER.

Dr. Stange und Partner will provide every NON-Resident seller with a down payment calculation. There should be no misunderstanding about our commission and your tax obligations. Our terms of condition are depending on the type of object. It is clear that a sale of Euro 1.000.000,00 does not include 5% commission. Every sale is different .

The following example is the sale of a property in Palm Mar - Arona

Sales priceEuro 91.000,00
Commission Dr. Stange und Partner 5% 4.550,00
Brut to owner Euro 86.450,00
3% Non-Resident Tax (Model 211) 2.730,00
Value Increase Tax (Model 420) 1.078,50 (calculation 9 years)
Gross to owner by bankers draft Euro 82.641,50

Dr. Stange und Partner is NOT responsible for the calculation of the 19% Capital Gains Tax. A fiscal adviser must inform you if the Euro 2.730,00 withhold by Tax Model 211, will be fully or partly refundable. It can also be the case that the sum is not refundable at all. The calculation of the Value Increase Tax (La Plus Valía) is based on the increase of the value of the land where the property has been built on. The amount to be paid depends on the years of ownership , the location of the property and the type of Town hall. The Value Increase Tax MUST always be paid by the seller !